our Project

Who gets support



Our project initially focuses on the target group of young women who

• are living in Greater Accra or Kumasi regions;

• stay with temporary jobs or are unemployed;

• have no vocational training

• and themselves are unable to pay for such vocational training from their own resources or family resources.



We offer this target group a basic vocational training as a hairdresser or seamstress. The contacts to the independent hairdressers exist through our Ghanaian members. Training companies already have experience in training young women. For this training pay the parents of the trainees. We cover the costs if parents or relatives are unable to do so.



Trainees receive a daily amount of money to pay for food and transport. In the medium term, we strive to provide safe housing for the young women if you can not live with relatives.
This is to ensure that trainees have the opportunity to concentrate on learning.

Bei einer Reise nach Accra und Kumasi im Juli 2019 wollen wir die Ausbildungsbetriebe besuchen.




On a trip to Accra and Kumasi in July 2019, we want to visit the training companies.